Non-profit Sector

These include scientific, charity, fate based and more……..
“For non-profits, understanding and recognizing the importance of statistics is vital to their existence is one thing organizations fail to realize, from donor retention rates to percentage detailing the success and failure of the fundraising. That is why our team are here to help provide detailed analytic Intelligence you need to direct policy and resource more effectively with detailed data representation.”

Problems Faced in this sector

Just like other sectors, the non-profit sectors also face some problems which when overlooked can lead to mismanagement of resources given out by donors and failure of most project. Some of them are mismanagement of funding, lack of efficiency and limited ability to analyze and communicate data, lack of insights in donation and more.

Statistical analysis in the non-profit sector

1. Save you time, money and frustration by setting up a solid database that will not only help improve you’re your workflow but help your fundraising and team better.

2. Helps choose the best option both for long term and short term needs and be careful not to make hasty decisions. Also helps plan ahead for the best long term solution

3. Provides evidence-based accountability in order to determine if your project is accomplishing its mission. If not, help setup outcome metrics, suggestions and more.

4. Proper allocations of resources to make use of funds, facilities and volunteers.

5. Monitoring the performance to determine its success or failure

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