Medical/ Health Sector

These include community health projects, hospitals, medical research, and more……..
“our statistical consultants are trained to manage data based on medical uncertainties in research and practice. We manage both aleatory and epistemic uncertainties which are present in almost every medical situation. We work hand in hand with our health clients to make medical and health care research more reliable, understandable and usable”

Problems Faced in this sector

A lot of problems are faced in this sector, which calls for the need of statistician, our personnel’s are specialized in tackling this problems. Some of these problems are calculating the rate of chronic and infectious diseases, monitoring and reporting on disease out breaks, measuring the right dosage for a particular treatment, monitoring changes in health related behaviors, clinical trials and more.

Statistical analysis in the health/medical sector

1. To manage data gotten from researches and practice.

2. We interpret trials of various sorts (observational, randomized controlled trials, etc ) and explain with evidence based on these

3. Statisticians are very useful in looking for “real” effects of random variation.

4. It is very important to hire a statistician in health care research to measure the performance of rate of success and failure

5. Statistical analysis is a critical component in a needs assessment. They are equally important to pharmaceuticals in developing products that meet the needs of the population they serve

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